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My Vision - Culmination of images and impulses awakens my mind to express life as an integral part of nature. Confronting the phase of times; I tried to explore for my physical and metaphysical quest by the phenomenal guidance of nature. Perceiving life in its variant colors of diversities and dimensions, I transform the energy of emotions into consolidated images of reality charged with musical sound of colors, forms and tones. Existing world of real-unreal, combining beauty with absurdity as a counterpart provide immense space to my mind for registering activities of human existence and rhapsodizes my spirit to express my inner world. Can anyone perceive the universe without rhythm and colors? Notation of colors with rhythmic forms characterize my unpretentious emotions at the surface of consciousness which provokes my thoughts to maintain continuity of creative process. In the process of creation I never planned a painting to be transferred on canvas until I feel the flow of inspiration and fire of emotions to push me up towards the ecstasy of realization, faculty of consciousness at the horizon of unending desire for creating the world where I find my scattered images assembled that glorifies my imagination and expresses my feelings. Destructive mind denies beauty and beauty denies destruction. Transition of imageries in the shape of creative impulses, a world of art grows like an innocent child within the mind of an artist. Life like an endless ocean is an unending mystery which has countless hues to count an everlasting source of inspiration. Inspiration flows down from my unconscious mind to supreme consciousness like an unrestricted, freely flowing river combining both the banks together, 'Unity'.

Ref No : 1731

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava


36" X 48" inch
INR 500000.00 /-

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Ref No : 1732

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava


14" X 26" inch
INR 165000.00 /-

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Ref No : 1733

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava


29" X 13" inch
INR 165000.00 /-

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