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Something About Us

J S Art Gallery is an art hub, where you will find works of renowned as well as emerging artists, deals in Indian, Modern, Abstract and contemporary Art.

JS Art Gallery was established in 2012 with the aim to promote Modern and Contemporary Indian Art. Since its inception the gallery has evolved in various capacities from catering to the needs of individual clients to undertaking corporate art projects. The gallery houses a huge art collection, which is on display at the gallery on Link road, Goregaon (West) and is available for our clients to acquire. Along with focusing on the growth of young and mid-career artists, our gallery also offers works by well-established Indian & International artists.

The gallery also organizes exhibitions from time to time both within and outside its gallery space. Under the title of ‘Curenta’ the gallery has hosted numerous solo shows and group shows for its artists all over India.

As Indian art has evolved over these years, so has the gallery. With the growing support from our patrons, artists, and art-lovers; JS Art Gallery has achieved tremendous success and continues its endeavor to encourage young artists.

JS Art Gallery also provides other value-added services from its gallery base in Mumbai:
Bespoke Framing services
Art rental services
Interior art consultancy
Corporate art projects
Art Sourcing
Commissioning artworks

Mr.Suraj Laheru
Director of JS Art Gallery
Gallery Background & History

The birth of JS Art Gallery was actually by chance. Back in the early 90s, the Laheru family (Directors of the firm) migrated to Mumbai with the hope of leading a better life in the city. Around 1996, as the family progressed financial, buying art for their respective homes was becoming increasingly difficult. Two main points for this:
1. Difficulty in finding quality and affordable Indian art.
2. Need to fill the gap between the artist and the client audience.

To fill this space, JS Art Gallery was established with the core intention of providing inexpensive art for Indian homes. This also gave the artist’s both a platform to showcase their talent and an audience that would appreciate their art.

The JS Art Gallery is once again excited to bring a demonstration of cultural development in which the works of major Indian and European artists will be displayed in the incomparable surroundings at our Website, Mumbai & Dubai. There is a commonsense view that art should be intelligible to the people, that it should conform to certain accepted criteria of beauty, and exhibit certain skills in draughtsman ship and in technique that the average person does possess and therefore admires in others.

The same arguments have been brought against every kind of artistic experimentation and reform. Whether or not art is ‘intelligible’ depends to a large extent, however on whether our minds are open to new ideas. If they are, there will be much in the JS Art Gallery exhibits, to excite you and perhaps to provoke you, as well as to delight the eye.

At JS Art Gallery we are committed to showcase at what artists, painters and sculptors are doing in their special fields. We believe that art never stands still. There will always be exceptional and courageous people pushing forward the frontiers of artistic

About the Director

Suraj Laheru, as the Director of a renowned Art Gallery in India, has been active for decades in the field of Trading in and Handling Group Art Exhibitions in different parts of India and Abroad. He has numerous Art Shows and Events of International standards to his credit, which were enriched with active participation of many eminent, emerging and promising artists with potential. Suraj is admired by art connoisseurs for his sight into art in any form. He has successfully curetted and organized more than a ‘half-a-century’ Art shows so far, to an overwhelming response and appreciation from Art Patrons, connoisseurs as well as, Art Collectors of Indian Art of the globe.

He has access to many genres of artists…

Art Is part of life…….

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